A Weird Destiny of the Russian Liberals and their “Acts of Bravery“: Anatoly Chubais

We have already written (the text “One More Especially Flexible Hero of the Kremlin) about a liberal, the friend of the late Boris Nemtsov Sergei Kiriyenko, who has turned into the functionary of the Kremlin ‘in time’ and who…

We have already written (the text “One More Especially Flexible Hero of the Kremlin) about a liberal, the friend of the late Boris Nemtsov Sergei Kiriyenko, who has turned into the functionary of the Kremlin ‘in time’ and who now comfortably works as First Deputy Chief of Staff of the  Executive  of Russia. To tell the truth, on 15 October a functionary of an extraordinary exemplary career together with six Russian colleagues was included into the list of sanctions of the European Union (EU) because of poisoning of the leader of the Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny.      
Something else about one more friend from young days of Boris Nemtsov from the very beginning.
13 million viewers watched a story of the The Insider, , Der Spiegel, , El Pais and Anti-Corruption Foundation (the Russian abbreviation FBK) about the attempt to kill Alexei Navalny in Tomsk in autumn on You Tube. Another million of people found out about this from other sources. The investigation also revealed eight officers from the Russian Federal Security Service (the Russian abbreviation is FSB), who were involved in the attempt to kill. Actually, this has been widely described and thus known to everybody.   
Despite of that, the politician of the opposition in the middle of December managed to call one of eight officers and talked “about details”, then the international scandal arose.”Check the meaning of the phrase”state terrorism” in the dictionary. This is exactly this case; officers of FSB were preparing the act of terrorism under the order of Vladimir Putin” – Alexei Navalny described and continued. “The President of Russia appointed Anatoly Chubais as an ambassador (the politician of the opposition formulates in this way – A.S.), who is entitled to ask the West for lifting sanctions in order to protect property of the cooperative society Ozero (according to a popular version of the public domain, the cooperative society includes people from Vladimir Putin’s environment). I think all attempts will be purposeless, because whom he will represent?”      
The political analyst Andrei Piontkovsky continues the narrative of Alexei Navalny, who had to reside in Washington because of his persecution in his motherland: “The Executive office of the elected president Joe Biden actively discusses the issue of the way how to talk to Russia. I think that charges against Alexei Navalny will make a big impression. The Congress in the new composition will go back to the draft laws about recognition of Russia as a terrorist organization that supports terrorism that has been discussed in recent months. I also think that it is most probable that they will be approved. Talking about Anatoly Chubais, in contrast to emphasizing the retirement from the position of Executive manager of the Russian hi-technology group as a demotion, I think that namely his promotion is related to election of Joe Biden as the President of the United States. In the context of escalation of relations with the West, the Kremlin as if says: here you have Anatoly Chubais, who has a reputation of a systemic (that is ‘tolerable” to the Kremlin), however liberal in the West, who has been executing privatization in Russia on the last decade of the last century. Part of the Russian elite and business oligarchs are hoping for minimization of the effect of sanctions to Russia and personally to them thanks to him. It is also obvious that a new investigation regarding the attempt to kill the opposition politician will seriously damage this plan.”     
One comment from the Internet: “Anatoly Chubais is the main engineer in creating the monster called Putin as well as other matrix of thief oligarchs in the post-soviet environment starting with the cooperative society of thieves Chekists.
One more comment: “Actually, Anatoly Chubais is personification of the last decade of the last century, their extraordinary impudence, adventurism, strength of experience when it seemed everything was possible. This was a real rollercoaster! “
Alexei Navalny told about Anatoly Chubais: “An old Komsomol member has been serving Vladimir Putin for 20 years and the public domain regularly reminds that he is a secret oppositioner”.   
So who is this secret hero, who came into light this autumn on international public domain, too?
The last decade of the last century Anatoly Chubais, as Executive manager of the company , was organizing and executing privatization of the state property in Russia. The Prime Minister of that time Yegor Gaidar used to remember that in autumn 1991 when he offered this position to Anatoly Chubais, he made a deep sigh and asked whether the offerer realized that he would become a person, who will be blamed for selling Russia for all his life.   
Privatization was executed according to a complicated scheme, very often in a spontaneous manner and almost inevitably with criminal elements. People say that during privatization process of iron and steel industry of Russia about 40 people were killed. By the way, things in Lithuania were taking place actually according to the same algorithm, of course, except for the scale of violence.
During the interview to The Financial Times in November 1994 its executor admitted he had not taken into consideration the feeling of great injustice that people felt after privatization, but he told that he could not choose between a fair and unfair competition. The fair one provided for actions according to clear rules and laws in a strong country. However, at the beginning of the last decade of the last century there was neither the state nor laws in Russia. People had to choose between the bandit communism and bandit capitalism.
In any case this is already the past, which attributed to the fact that Russia now is the way it is and ruled by the one, who is ruling. By the way, according to the Russian , a governor in the ‘direct line’ with Russian citizens on 25 April 2013 announced that when Anatoly Chubais was working in the government and was involved in privatization, his advisors were officers of the Central Intelligence Office of the United States, who were making money from counselling and later were judged for that.    
After privatization the functionary was working as a Chief Officer of the Presidential Staff of Russia and the First Deputy Minister. He retired from the government of Russia in 1998 to become the Executive Director of the Russian electric power company RAO UES (it was the idea of the Chairman of the Liberal Minister Sergey Kiriyenko). For the Baltic nations it is important that Anatoly Chubais, who was in charge of this structure, same as the leader of the Right forces union in December 2003 right before the election to the Duma, first time in the history of Russia stated that the main mission of Russia in the 21 century was to create a ‘liberal empire’. The Baltic nations then paid attention to that, since the struggle for energy independence of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia was gaining the speed.
He was managing the state high technology corporation (currently – ) since 2008. And on 3 December during the 9 Congress of this industry sector in Moscow he announced that it was his last working day in the corporation. His dismissal was called a natural process of rotation in the Kremlin, since already next day the President Vladimir Putin appointed Anatoly Chubais his special representative for seeking the goals of sustainable development with international organizations. This position was the first, according to the Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov; a new special representative shall be neither the state officer nor the employee of the Presidential staff.   
Talking about the international precedents of sustainable development, in 2015 the member-states of the United Nations (EU) included a sustainable development until year 2023 to its agenda. For achieving the agenda, 17 goals have been singled out, such as dealing with poverty and protection of the planet resources. According to the UN, implementation of the goals of sustainable development shall cost from 3.3. to 4.5 trillion US dollars per year.
Probably it is not the case with Anatoly Chubais, having in mind circumstances set forth in four previous paragraphs of this text.
Making analysis of the changes in life of this Russian member of Komsomol – a Liberal, the Ukrainian publicist Vitaly Portnikov suggests asking a simple question: why did the Kremlin kill the comrade of Anatoly Chubais Boris Nemtsov and he was flourishing and will flourish till the Russian Federation collapses? It seems that Anatoly Chubais had a choice: privatization according to the example of the Eastern Europeans and Baltic States (to tell the truth, the Ukrainian publicist is someway idealizing the Baltic nations) or a predatory embezzlement under the control of Chekists.    
To tell the truth, there was no choice, only embezzlement. Otherwise we would have forgotten about Anatoly Chubais same as about Mikhail Manevych (the Russian economist and political figure, who was the Chairman of the Asset Management Committee of Saint Petersburg since 1994, the vice governor since 1996 and was shot dead in 1997 – A.S.). 
Anatoly Chubais understood this hint. We can judge about privatization in Russia from the fact that currently 22 Russian billionaires are in control of the assets that exceed the Russian budget. The Russian political analyst Stanislav Belkovsky made an observation in this regard sarcastically that Anatoly Chubais made this in a particularly Russian manner – only a Russian man can behave so off-headedly and frivolously with multibillion worth property by giving it as a present to somebody for nothing. Any Western manager would hang himself on a branch of the first seen pine seeing how the property of the former USSR burnt in the fire of privatization.   
Something else about Russia the way it is after privatization at the end of the last century. The current large (oligarch) capital in no way “hates” and is not terrorized by the racketing of state power structures. On the contrary, the oligarch capital just earns from the state racketing, because it serves (and gets a share of it) power structures, which takes the corruptive rent from the remaining part of the country. Therefore, it is closely related to the current government and is in horror of changes in the government, since changes in the government will mean redistribution of assets. The high value capital of Russia is feudal both in the sense of its spirit and essence.
The moral is that as a result of historical circumstances the Russian liberal is ‘fatally’ bad to everyone.
That’s why uncommon Liberals of Russia do not lack energy, the instinct of survival and manage to cope with everything in order to take due care about the future. The most important thing is to take care in a timely and discreet manner. For instance, opposite to other stages of Anatoly Chubais life and activities analyzed in detail, just one sentence is said in Russian about the fact that he was the first Russian, who was the member of the international council of the bank J.P.Morgan Chase (2008 – 2013).

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