‚Fifth Columns‘of the Kremlin that Have not Disappeared Anywhere in Europe. I. The Baltic Nations also Save the Fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko from the Revenge of the Kremlin

In 1946–1949 when the national war was blustering in Greece a significant portion of the society sympathized Communists, thus the Soviet Union shifted three thousand of Greek refugees sheltered in its territory to military sc…

In 1946–1949 when the national war was blustering in Greece a significant portion of the society sympathized Communists, thus the Soviet Union shifted three thousand of Greek refugees sheltered in its territory to military schools ‘just in case’. In order to vacate the place for its fifth column Joseph Stalin in 1944-1948 chased off about 15 million Germans from the countries, future satellites of the USSR from Bulgaria to Poland and this was the biggest deportation in history. On 29 July 1948 the leader of Bulgarian Communists Valko Chervenkov, who met Joseph Stalin when he complained about the demand of the claims of the upset Turks to allow them move to Turkey and he suggested acting in the same way as the USSR, which moved the ‘suspected’ persons from the frontier zones without any scruples.
These historical samples just testify that importance of the fifth column for seeking its goals in our eastern neighbour has always been sufficiently valued. A situation that Ben Hodges, Commander of the American Forces in Europe, warned that at the end of June is not necessarily imminent that Russia might occupy the embankment in Kherson, Ukraine, which blocks supply of water for Crimea annexed by Moscow at the beginning of June under the shield of military training ‘Caucasus 2020’.    
Satan hides in details. A message from the Ukrainian press: Cossacks from Orthodox Moscow Patriarchate that were egged, now rear their heads again. They established a division in Melipoly and are getting ready to maintain the social order. They even negotiate with the border outpost regarding cooperation. The feast of absurd that smells of sell-out of the state is managed directly by Russian agents in Ukraine, assistant of Viktor Yanukovych (the President of Ukraine who fled to Russia after Maidan Revolution of Dignity), so-called ataman Panchenko had to lead seizure of power in Zaporozhe in 2014. Fortunately, this did not happen. (censor.net.ua/video_news/3206214/vatnye_kazaki_sdayut_zaporoje_video).   
Oleksandr Turchynov, who was the Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council in 2014-2019 (who established the Armed Forces of the state almost from scratch) and recently avoids publicity, on 30 June announced he was ready to be the manager of the headquarters of the party ‘European Solidarity’. On TV channel channel on 6 July he substantiated his decision in the following way: Vladimir Putin needs imbecility in Ukraine that was at the end of 2013 – beginning of 2014. However, the Kremlin values any kind of a compromise as a possibility to increase pressure and V. Putin respects only an adequate objection. Management crisis in Ukraine is increasing, which might become the background for Russian aggression. The fifth column of Moscow has already raised its head (is trying to convince the public as if Maidan Revolution was just an uprising and avoid the word ‘aggression’ when evaluating the policy of Moscow, prosecution of volunteers who assisted the Ukrainian Army, etc.), therefore consolidation of responsible patriotic forces is necessary. 
Or another example – Dmytro Yarosh, a former deputy of , the leader of the national movement on 1 July told: the Kremlin’s revenge in Ukraine is systematic and multi-dimensional, for instance, exposure of politically motivated and legally meaningless persecution of the fifth president, Commander of the Armed Forces Petro Porochenko carried out by the current government at the order of Moscow, who besides all his shortcomings was leading the opposition against aggression of Russia and became almost the biggest enemy of V. Putin.     
Several thousands of  P. Poroshenko followers protested near Kiev Pecherskyi Court on 1 July, which had to make up its mind once again regarding imposition of preventive measures on him (at the beginning of the process on 18 June the suspect even had to postpone his father’s funeral because he had to go to court). Prosecutors first asked for an arrest with an option of surety, however on the day of the court proceedings they changed it into personal obligation of the ex-president. 24 lawsuits have been filed against the fifth president of the country, majority of them were initiated by Andriy Portnov, deputy head of the former president V. Yanukovich presidential office, who during the term of office of P. Poroshenko spent much time in Moscow and after the leaders changed  returned ‘for revenge’ last year. 
Prosecutor General Ruslan Riaboshapka, appointed by the current President Volodymyr Zelensky, refused to sign the charges and resigned from the office and later called them lawfully null and void. He was replaced with Iryna Venediktova, who was Head of the State Investigation Agency where the charges have been formulated. The court postponed the judgement several times and on 8 July after the usual postponement, I. Venedyktova posted a video address, where she told that sufficient number of evidence has been compiled to indict a person for major offenses, besides, as if she received applications of ordinary people from Maryopol and Rivno about crimes of the fifth president (this makes us prick up our ears when we remember the practice of ‘statements of ordinary people’ during Soviet times). It is not so important when and what prevention would be ‘applied’. We can say that the continuous process to the war time president with a threat to be imprisoned for 7 to 10 years has been already activated.
The persecuted person repeats he is not afraid. He told as if the challenges to the country in 2014-2015 were worse. He associates lawsuits with phobias of the current president, which are smartly used by his environment. He keeps encouraging V. Zelensky to stop, since the main enemy in the presence of the current economic challenges is not him but the country aggressor. V. Poroshenko does not affirm that V. Zelensky is a person of the Russian President, however, in his opinion, since he is not experienced; he is influenced by the team in a not necessarily useful manner.
In the interview to on 3 July P. Poroshenko called his persecution as revenge of an inexperienced President as if he thinks he can ‘shield’ his management fiasco in this way (stuck economic reforms and reduced defence from Russian aggression) and thus his declining popularity. To the question of the journalist whether he was sorry he promoted himself as an opponent of V. Putin on election posters, the ex-president argued away that he would be the happiest person in the world if he was mistaken. Unfortunately, the fifth column of the Kremlin is playing a major role in Ukraine.      
Actually the influence of the Kremlin is obvious in Ukraine. Let’s say, TV channel 112 Ukraine owned by demonstratively Anti-Western V. Putin daughter’s godfather Viktor Medvedchuk, who is very active in politics, on 22 June – the day when victims of the World Raw II were remembered, broadcasted a concert in the Kremlin. The owner of the channel praises in public international initiatives of the host, for instance, published in his ‘historical’ article in The National Interest. 
The Court already is correcting international reputation of Ukraine and may become the factor of international relations with the democratic world. Friends of Ukraine, the politicians from the Baltic States that have taken the route towards democracy have to sooth the confusion. On 1 July a group of friends of the European Ukraine, operating in the European Parliament (EP) since 2014, was established by Petras Auštrevičius (he made a personal statement on this topic), announced a statement denouncing political persecution, where he warned about the threat to democracy in favour of third countries (Russia, to begin with) and threat to euro-integration objectives of Ukraine.  Witold Waszczykowski, Chair of the EP Committee on Ukraine’s association with the EU on 12 June obligated to monitor the situation and Head of the EP delegation EURONEST in the Parliamentary Assembly and Andrius Kubilius, who has been pushing the Marshal plan for several years, told that they consider Ukraine as a member of the European family not just because of geopolitical reasons but also based on values.     
After V. Poroshenko interview to , Steven Pifer, the former American Ambassador to Ukraine, warned the President V. Zelensky to refrain from repeating the algorithm of the President V. Yanukovych, who fled to Russia, to persecute political opponents. Aleksander Kwaśniewski and Patrick Cox, influential politicians in Europe, published their common statement on the same topic, the key message of which was that an endless struggle for hearts and minds of the Ukrainian nation continues, Russian propaganda does not stop and in many cases even becomes more fierce, instigated by strong groups of interests in Ukraine in order to review achievements of Maidan Revolution of Dignity. According to politicians, the approaching local municipal elections just increase anxiety seeing how political opponents are tackled not with the help of the ballot papers and discussions, but with the help of law enforcement authorities.  
Statements warning Ukraine were published by Embassies of the USA and Canada to Ukraine,   Anders Fogh Rasmussen, former NATO Secretary General, Karl Bildt, former Prime Minister of Sweden, Donald Tusk, leader of the European People’s Party, Kurt Volker, former U.S. Special     Representative for Ukraine, Michael McKay, a prominent journalist of Canada in his profile wrote that political persecution of V. Poroshenko and selective justice in Ukraine bring its friends into a  critical situation, because they might have to impose sanctions against the President V. Zelensky and at the same time support opposition of Ukraine against aggression of Russia.       
In his interview to an influential political analyst Fareed Zakaria from CNN on 21 June P. Poroshenko thanked the West for a clear opinion regarding political persecution and indicated that   current processes are associated with the presidential activities in order to maintain territorial   integrity and independence of  Ukraine. The persecuted person is glad that the Euro-Atlantic course established in the Constitution of Ukraine a year and a half ago is like a safety device securing from geopolitical ‘upheaval’. The main document of Ukraine expressly indicates the objective of Ukraine to become a member of the EU and NATO. This key formula is significant under circumstances when there are people in the highest authorities of the country, whose attitude can be described by a phrase ‘what’s the difference?”.     
P.Porošenko in his democratic choice and according to the example of the Baltic States sees preconditions for flourishing and security of Ukraine, thus it is no wander that adepts of the Kremlin will not forgive this. So far the revenge is not successful; however it does not mean that destabilization efforts reduced. In the second part you can read about stylistics of the fifth column of Moscow that has not disappeared anywhere not just in Ukraine. 
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