‘Fifth Columns ‘of the Kremlin that have not Disappeared Anywhere. II. Not only schroederization of Europe.

I think I would start the second part of the fifth column of Moscow with a continuation – projection of the first part. On 10 July Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine during the prog…

I think I would start the second part of the fifth column of Moscow with a continuation – projection of the first part. On 10 July Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine during the program ‘Law and Power’ on TV channel told that recently they had seen powerful informational aggression of Russia against his country as an element of a global cyber war.   
A day ago Petro Poroshenko (we started the cycle with the article Fifth Columns‘of the Kremlin that Have not Disappeared Anywhere. I. The Baltic Nations also Save the Fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko from the Revenge of the Kremlin’) indicated during the Forum of European People’s Party that has the greatest fraction in the European Parliament (EP) that Moscow, seeking the disintegration of the West, is manipulating in democratic values and reasoned his statement by struggle of his country against Russian cyber aggression in 2014-2019 and indicated that Ukraine had been and still is a certain polygon of cyber attacks of Moscow.    
Russia, as a country that like never before seeking to destroy the West in an aggressive way, was also mentioned during the Defence Forum held in Washington on the same day that was called to discuss a stronger cohesion of the European Union (EU) and the North-Atlantic Alliance. Mircea Geoană, NATO Deputy Secretary General, who participated in the discussion, noted that a new Euro-Atlantic space defence concept has been developed just because of this threat. 
A decision to ban TV broadcasts of the international megaphone (previously Russia Today) of the Kremlin in Lithuania and Latvia that was made at the beginning of July because of connections with the propagandist Dmitri Kiseliov, who has been included into the ‘black list’ in the EU, has embodied well in this context. Sanctions have been imposed on him in Europe because of his major role in preparation of the annexation of Crimea in 2014 (be was awarded a medal by the President of Russia) and aggression of Russia in the east of Ukraine. This leader has earned sanctions long time ago; however it’s better now than never. Same as another established patriot Vladimir Solovyev, in contrary to his colleague D. Kiseliov, who is ‘locked’ in Russia because of sanctions, is the owner of two villas in Italy on the bank of Lake Como and despite his open cynical activities, can enjoy the western comfort. It is not so simple with all these cyber wars and fifth columns… 
On 30 June Mykola Tochytskiy, Representative of Ukraine to the EU, encouraged the EP to denounce the visit of French Euro-deputies to the Crimea annexed by Russia, as violating laws of Ukraine and conflicting with the official position of the EU that does not recognise annexation and declared that statement all the time in resolutions about territorial integrity of Ukraine. The same was told to the Ambassador of France to Ukraine Etienne de Poncins by Emine Dzhaparova, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. Nothing else was left for him but just repeat again that the position of France supporting sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine had not changed and that the visit of French politicians led by Thierry Mariani, had nothing to do with it. Here we just have to add that Th. Marriani, who is a member of the high right party ‘National alliance’ (led by an old admirer of the Kremlin Marina Le Pen, who has been funded by Russians) close to the Kremlin, has been visiting the occupied Crimea constantly after its annexation in 2014.    
We might say – nothing is new. We should have got used to slaps in the face long time ago. The ruling class of Russia has the only vision of practice of international relations. Unless systematic nature of testing solidarity of the West. Vasyl Bodnar, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine called re-election of Gerhard as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Russian state company Rosneft in June remuneration for his loyalty to the Kremlin. According to him, the fifth column continues breaking solidarity of Europe in return to satisfaction of interests of Russia. The re-elected confirms this diagnosis all the time. For instance, at the end of May in his social network profile he called the Ambassador of Ukraine to Berlin Andriy Melnyk a gnome from Ukraine in return to his criticism against his pro-Kremlin position in regards to Crimea.   
V.Bodnar in his Facebook profile called the demarche of the ex-Chancellor sneaky and regrettable, demonstrating the style of Russian lobbyist in Europe, thus it is hardly worth negotiating with Moscow, because the Lithuanian proverb says ‘Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are’. A. Melnyk stated a pathetic attempt of G. to make his image at home look better. In history he will remain a synonym of the cynical lobbyist of the Kremlin. He also warned about a danger of potential insulting passages by reminding that they might make up the demons of hatred – Ukrainians do not forget that in Nazi Germany they were called ‘ (‘inadequate people), the outcome of which is millions of peaceful Ukrainians killed during the World War II by the Third Reich. 
Russians are trying to create a network of supporters in Europe on another very unpleasant topic – the goal is to discredit conclusions of the ‘United Group of Investigators’ (UGI) regarding responsibility of Moscow for bringing down the aircraft Booing 777 of Malaysia Airlines that was flying over Donbas from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur on July 2014, when all 298 people, including 80 children were killed. Last June UGI brought specific charges against four citizens (three Russians and one Ukrainian), who immediately participated in the attack.
Now when the courts in Hague gained speed, Moscow forces alternative versions, tries to impose responsibility on other countries with the help of the fifth column in the West. Some time ago Russians spread fake news about the catastrophe via its established platform ‘Bonanza Media’, with actively operating Pro-Kremlin Dutch journalist Max van der Werff and Jana Jerlashova from RT who left the TV as if because of independent journalism designated to deny fault of Russia in Malaysia Airlines air crash. The organization ‘Global Rights of Peaceful People’ (GRPP) and Dutch party ‘Forum for Democracy’ (FvD), one of the initiators of referendum in 2018 that disputed the associated membership of Ukraine in the EU. GRPP last year and this year near the court building in Hague tried to show movies (the one of this year is called ‘МН17 – Unheard Witnesses’), which was intended for raising doubts in conclusions of UGI. To tell the truth, nobody except the organizers, wanted to see it.
Moscow is using this topic and services of the Kremlin’s lobbyist, Honorary Consulate General in Russia Maastrichte Constantijn van Vloten, who supports Bonanza Media and GRPP. C.van Vloten knows the President of Russia, was supported by him personally, opened a chain of restaurants in Russian museums such as Peterhof, Carskoje Selo, Hermitage, Catherine and Menshikov estate, etc. All of them are managed by his wife, the Russian Nadezhda. A businessman-diplomat supports annexation of Crimea, denounces Western sanctions against Moscow, calls EU clerks ‘fleas on the bear’. In December 2019 when a common restaurant was opened, she treated all guests with chocolate showing a portrait of Joseph Stalin, is getting ready to open a restaurant in Crimea and an international centre of finance in Kaliningrad.  
What has been mentioned is just a part of attempts of the fifth column of Moscow to distract attention from the tragedy in 2014 in the fly over Donbas. To tell the truth, it seems that money is wasted in vain – the official position of the Holland has not changed on this issue. Russian lobbyists create nervous atmosphere – prosecutors supporting charges asked during the proceedings on 26 June whether defence of the accused Oleg Pulatov (hired Dutch attorneys at law represent just him alone) actually wanted additional investigations, which they has already asked for or just tried to drag time. In the interview to on 29 June Anton Kotte, whose son, daughter-in-law and grandson were killed in Malaysia Airlines aircraft, was talking about stress when attorneys at law all the time showed video records and statements of people whom you could not trust.
By the way, about the style ‘tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are’. On 10 June Oleg Nikolenko, a member of the Embassy of Ukraine to the United Nations (UN) unmasked the Deputy of the Authorized Ambassador of Russia (as if respectable position) Alexander Alimov, who illustrated his text on the Internet when children were killed from shooting of Ukrainian soldiers in Donbas in Usurijsk, Russia with inscription of a six-year Polina Sladakaya killed by a taxi driver in 2013, as if she was the first victim in Slaviansk shooting in 2014. The Ukrainian summarized: ‘Do you want to hear how Russian fake news are made? Here you are.’     
In June the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia in the lips of its spokeswoman Maria Zacharova was complaining to international organizations up to UN inclusive and made threats to the dailies The New York Times and The Financial Times that had doubts in the official COVID-19 statistics of Russia. The Russian publicist Alexander Skobov (grani-ru-org.appspot.com/opinion/skobov/m.278927.html) to this end noticed that Moscow used an infiltrated agency in the western and international organizations seeking the only goal – to destroy it from the inside. Thus, is worth not to seek a civilized dialogue in a naive way but chase the Kremlin from everywhere where it is possible. Otherwise the West may see times when the Russian Roskompzor blocks British and American newspaper portals in their own territories or ‘business entities’ of Russia will ‘usurp’ their controlling blocks of shares…
Luke Harding, a long-term correspondent in Russia for The Guardian (he will stay in history as a journalist of the Cold War to whom Moscow cancelled a visa because of his critical publications) in his latest book ‘Shadow State: Murder, Mayhem, and Russia’s Remaking of the West’ he tells how Moscow tries to spread its political model in way of lies, manipulations and murders that undermine democracy. To this end he speaks to Christopher Steel, a former officer of the British intelligence, who made a statement about intrusion of Russia into the presidential election in the US in 2016 that created noise a couple years ago, according to whom. V. Putin wanted to humiliate the United Kingdom (UK) and face down other countries so they did not interfere with his amoral politics. According to the quoted (first time) statement of Ch. Steel, Russia causes greater danger to the UK than its life style and terrorism.  Once not opposed, V. Putin’s regime would not stop in order to reach his goals.
According to the Russian historian Viacheslav Lichachov (censor.net.ua/news/3194546/rossiya_nauchilas_govorit_na_ponyatnom_dlya_zapada_yazyke_poetomu_ee_propaganda_effektivnee_sovetskoyi), Moscow learnt to introduce its ideology as propaganda in the style accepted by the international audience, to talk in the speech of human rights and denouncement of interventionism, actually having other goals that have nothing to do with democracy, human rights and international law. Thus, it acts more efficiently than the former Soviet Union. The historian recollects the Olympic Games in Moscow held in 1980, which after invasion of Soviets to Afghanistan was boycotted quite successfully (alongside economic pressure). FIFA World Cup held in Russia in 2018 went smoothly despite aggression of Russia in Georgia and Ukraine.
An intense confrontation arose in Lithuania recently on social networks after Faina Kukliansky, Head of the Jewish Community together with her followers addressed the Chairman of Seimas with an application, asking to cancel resolution of the Parliament to call year 2021the year of Juozas Lukša-Daumantas, a prominent participant in the struggle for independence. The killed leader of partisans was not directly accused of taking part in Holocaust, however digressions in the statement could reflect on his recollections, trying to involve in something he could not be related to. The same situation was with Adolfas Ramanauskas-Vanagas year in 2018 when Rūta Vanagaitė ‘questioned’ his reputation (also regarding Holocaust) and the Russian propagandist was the first to mention about this. Don’t you see any signs of the fifth column here?       
Lithuanian partisan movement, like nobody else, has been and still is the target of the Kremlin. It is particularly interested in making fights against Soviet occupation to ‘banditry’ and to defame and cast dirt on heroes of these fights. KGB was involved in this for decades and also in hands of its agents realised deceit operations in the West. Why shouldn’t it be other way round now, especially having in mind V.Putin’s arising ‘passion’ for history, making scandalous declarations as if the Baltic States ‘voluntarily’ joined the Soviet Union?
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