A Political Trojan Horse of the Kremlin in Ukraine

I will continue the cycle of stories about the Kremlin heroes. This time I will just cross the state border of Russia since Moscow logically is seeking to have its henchmen not only inside the country.
To this end I will sta…

I will continue the cycle of stories about the Kremlin heroes. This time I will just cross the state border of Russia since Moscow logically is seeking to have its henchmen not only inside the country.
To this end I will start my story with an observation of the former Prime Minister of Ukraine Oleksiy Honcharuk on 22 January from the United States, where he was visiting in order to discuss about cooperation with Atlantic Council, that the future US Secretary of State Antony Blinken when he was introducing to the Senate, made an express articulation that besides the external aggression of Russia, Ukraine is worn down from the domestic corruption, when the old corrupt elite and pro-Russian forces raise their heads.
Personification of this corruption and even geopolitical betrayal of Ukraine undoubtedly is the creation of the godfather of President of Russia Vladimir Putin (Vladimir Putin was godfather of his daughter in Kazan Orthodox Church in 2004) Viktor Medvedchuk.
One latest piece of news about him – attempts of the Ukrainian party “Opposition Platform – For Life“ (the Ukrainian abbreviation – OPZZh) Chairman of the Political Council Viktor Medvedchuk to personally bring nine Ukrainians back to the motherland, who have been imprisoned by Russian occupational forces in temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine; the Ukrainian abbreviation ORDLO).
Head of Trilateral Contact Group (TCG) from the Ukrainian side, former President Leonid Kravchuk during his interview on 21 January to told about the military conflict in Donbas and Luhansk that return of citizens to the motherland is the matter of the state of Ukraine and the state of Russia and not a personal matter of a politician, who is not a public official and called this initiative a political charlatanism. Then everybody knew already that the process was stopped and the plane with prisons did not take off.
Previously, on 16 January the public media of Russia published information as if Russia would transfer some of Ukrainians imprisoned by ORDLO unilaterally (we should understand – a gesture of good will) through mediation of Viktor Medvedchuk. To tell the truth, this campaign should be considered as a cynical self-advertising where Russia is an open aggressor against his country – over 13 thousand of Ukrainians were already killed during that conflict, about one million became domestic refugees. According to some assessments about 200 Ukrainians are imprisoned in Russia, not to talk about an open terror against annexed Tatars of Crimea.
The Ukrainian delegation TKG and Chairman of the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada of the Committee of Foreign Affairs Oleksandr Merezhko saw this as an immoral attempt to manipulate in fates of illegally imprisoned people when Russia avoided performing all undertaken obligations in the occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk. The objective of the points of the political image under these circumstances once again prove that Viktor Medvedchuk and the status of the Ukrainian citizen are incompatible.
Continuation of the topic ‘once again’. On 24 November OPZZh organized a ‘paid ‘meeting at the Embassy of the United States in Kiev as if against the external governance of Ukraine. On the eve of the meeting its participants were recruited through online social networks, preferably, young men from 14 years old. They promised to pay young people 60 hryvnia (1 euro is equal to approximately 37.27 hryvnia) for one hour of the ‘protest ‘. Actually, instead of young people, people of the retirement age gathered to the meeting and they watched the performance how a person with a mask of the investor-philanthropist George Soros threw a lassos on the young women dressed in Ukrainian national costumes.
In reaction to the campaign, a former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin on the TV program “Savik Shuster Freedom of Speech“ on 27 November reminded how in the face of Russian aggression the US supported Ukrainians with weapons, training of defenders, humanitarian aid and that the United States and the European Union (EU) are the only allies of Ukraine. Provocations of OPZZh under the Embassy of the USA are designated for encumbrance of Kiev to create constructive relations with the administration of the elected US President Joe Biden.
The former Prime Minister of Ukraine in particularly ‘hot‘ 2014-2016, currently making business and chairing the party National Front Arseniy Yatsenyuk instigated Rada to impose sanctions on deputies of pro-Russian OPZZh and Security Service of Ukraine to investigate their activities. According to the former Prime Minister, who gave orders to kill Ukrainian officers and civilians, occupied part of the territory of the country. Most its deputies are extremely wealthy thanks to Moscow and Viktor Medvedchuk owns half of the market of public space of Ukraine. For instance, his TV channel 112 Ukraine was showing a concert in the Kremlin on 22 June to commemorate the victims of World War II. However, in the belief of Arseniy Yatsenyuk, his country withstood in 2014, it will withstand now, too.
Something more about wealth because the best thing is to waist money. The Ukrainian magazine already in 2008 wrote that the property of Viktor Medvedchuk is worth 460 million US dollars. In September 2018 the centre of investigative journalism Schemy revealed that Viktor Medvedchuk and another deputy of Rada from the side of OPZZH Taras Kozak own oil production companies in Russia, passed the property to their wives Oksana Marchenko and Natalia Lavrenyuk. According to Viktor Medvedchuk‘s wife Oksana Marchenko company succeeded in a tender and acquired a right to operate one of three largest oilfields in Russia, in Khanty-Mansi autonomous republic. The politician then admitted that he passed the company to his wife to escape sanctions imposed on him by the West already since 2014.
On 15 January of the current year the news agency informed about Viktor Medvedchuk ‘s son-in-law Andrei Ryumin, who was assigned to manage the largest power supply network company Rosseti (the state owns 88 percent of the shares).
A respectable status in Russia allows Viktor Medvedchuk to ask for something. The politician met Vladimir Putin last March and discussed about negotiations regarding amicable regulation of the conflict in the east of Ukraine. During conversation with Chairman of Alexey Miller they talked about supply of natural gas to Ukraine.
On 14 July the political party of Russia – United Russia organized a quite various public (starting with German Christian Democrats and ending with Vietnam Communists) that had a discussion „Cooperation in the area of security under the conditions of COVID-19 pandemic“, Viktor Medvedchuk, who represented OPZZh (with Oleg Voloshin) stated that the main problem of Ukraine alongside the coronavirus and the authority of the former (President Petro Poroshenko) and current (President Volodymyr Zelensky) is failure to regulate the conflict in the east of the country, as if the latter brought the situation to the standoff when his political party offers an amicable regulation plan at all levels, including the international one.
During the meeting on 6 October with Viktor Medvedchuk, Vladimir Putin told he was ready to cooperate in recovering relations between Ukraine and Russia and ’study the issue’ regarding lifting of sanctions imposed by Moscow on Ukraine. Prime Minister of Russia Mikhail Mishustin, who also participated in the meeting, promised the same and just added that the regime of sanctions was activated not by Moscow. Since 2014 Ukraine regularly updates sanctions against Russia as an officially recognised country-aggressor.
The hazy promises the Russian ruling class, leader of OPZZH asked Moscow to lift these ‘silly’ sanctions in a Jesuit way as if part of Ukrainian companies are suffering and around 150 thousand employee families are without employment. This is the way how work for motherland looks like, to be exact, a banal absurd theatre, a person does not take any official position in Ukraine and does not lead to any decisions.
A kind of story happened to pro-Kremlin policy in autumn when at Kiev court he tried to obligate the publishing house Vivat and a journalist, author of the book “The Case of Vasyl Kus“ (in Ukrainian – “Sprawa Wasyla Stusa”) Vakhtang Kipiani to remove from the book episodes related to him as the ones that are not true to the fact and violate his honour and dignity.
We are talking about the proceedings against the Ukrainian poet and dissident Wasyl Stus in 1980, where the dissident was represented by the attorney at law Viktor Medvedchuk, although the defendant did not approve that. The defendant told that he felt right away that Viktor Medvedchuk was one of the type of an aggressive Communist personality, who did not care about his destiny and he would not defend him. The underground publication published in the USSR “The Chronicle of the Current Events“ also retold the oral arguments of the attorney at law at court: „The attorney at law told that all crimes of Wasyl Stus deserves punishment, however he asked to pay attention to the fact that the defendant, who was working in Kiev companies in 1979-1980, fulfilled the norms; besides, he had a complicated abdominal surgery‘. The poet was punished and died after starving in the colony of the USSR.
There are still arguments going on regarding the role of Viktor Medvedchuk in the case of Wasyl Stus – according to some Ukrainian lawyers (Roman Titikala and Ilya Kotin) he breached the ethics of the attorney at law (at least, if not more): he admitted the guilt of the defendant against his will and actually refused to defend him.
This was not the only case. According to the Russian there was a lawsuit against the poet Yuri Litvin in 1979 and the defendant described Viktor Medvedchuk in this way: „Passive behaviour of my attorney at law in the proceedings is determined not only by his professional disability but orders from above that he obeys: he is afraid to reveal essence of the provocation that was applied to me“. Yuri Livin also died in the prison.
Although Kiev court upheld the claims of Viktor Medvedchuk in October, after the ruling was passed, the book of Vakhtang Kipiani was sold out in several minutes and the publishing house Vivat announced it would exercise its right to finish the remaining part of the edition until the court ruling comes into force. On 4 November the Minister of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine Oleksandr Tkachenka informed that he got the additional edition of the book and sent right away “Sprawa Wasyla Status “to public libraries as the one recommended by the Ministry.
A weird position of a person, who comes from the family of the exiles – who was born on 7 August 1954 in Krasnoyarsk Krai in Russia. The family brought him home to Kronin village in Zhytomyr region in Ukraine after a decade. It is presumed that his aggressive Komsomol-type personality could contribute to that and who was a Soviet career-seeking activist. In 1972-1978 when Viktor Medvedchuk studied in Kiev University, he was head of the voluntary Komsomol task unit.
Later his career was usual – as a result of peculiarities of the Soviet legal system the ambiguous practice of the attorney at law of the USSR from the very beginning, after is collapsed – a turn to business and a gradual levitation towards politics ‘thanks to good men‘ (in 2002-2005 he was manager of the President Administration of Ukraine) and transformation to the one, whom he became after the “Orange” (in 2004) and “Dignity“ (in 2014) revolutions, which he did not accept as well as democracy and stayed in the mental and thus, political orbit of the President of Russia.
We should say a usual biography of the Soviet careerist. When the new ‘Cold War’ of Russia is already a fact, such players are useful to the Kremlin. The question is open what they will win in a strategic perspective.
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