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On 23 March Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov, who was visiting Beijing during the press conference informed about absence of relations with the European Union (EU); as if relations with only few states of the Old Con…

On 23 March Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov, who was visiting Beijing during the press conference informed about absence of relations with the European Union (EU); as if relations with only few states of the Old Continent, which wanted to be guided by national interests, existed. Brussels ruined the infrastructure of bilateral relations that have been formed for years. The United States, Europe and the West in general refuse diplomacy, create mastery, use and waste it in favour of its rules imposed on others. They think that these rules (for instance, democracy standards – A.S.) rather than international law must serve as the basis for the global order.
According to Sergey Lavrov, Moscow is ready to cooperate with the neighbour Europe, therefore if/when Brussels changes its mind, withdraws ‘anomalies’, Russia is ready to go back to relations, however the relations based on equal consideration of interests and balance. The meaning of balance was revealed during the same press conference by Sergey Lavrov when he was talking to his colleague Wang Yi, when he made a statement that there was no unanimous standard of democracy, thus a right of sovereign states to make their own decision regarding their development should be respected.   
In other words, intrusion to the matters of sovereign states on the pretext of democracy implementation is not acceptable, no matter that Russia is the third country in the world according to the number of emigrants. In the middle of 2020 10.8 million Russians lived abroad. During ruling of Vladimir Putin 1.5 to 2 million citizens of Russia left the country not because they wanted that but trying to escape from political repressions. As a rule, they left to ‘not acceptable” democratic West.  
Anyhow, this is a cry – a bitter persecution about degradation of the democratic world.  
Statements of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin should also be assigned to a similar type of concerns first of all during the meeting of the internal affairs on 3 March and next day – in the meeting with participants of the initiative We Are Together, telling that the Internet propagates a strictly nonacceptable and abusive content – child pornography, prostitution, suicides of minors, etc. The Internet as an unconditional evil is destroying and will destroy the society from the inside if it is not subdued just for laws but for strict moral rules.    
The Internet should be not only blamed in a theoretical point of view, but violence from the outside shall be repressed. For instance, he actually threatened to block , the operation of which has been already slowed down by the Federal Service for Supervision of , Information Technology, and Mass Media of Russia and analysts of the Russian Internet already try to tell that is the second in line. Talks about ‘independent’ Internet (according to the example of China) with an option to disconnect from the matter of creation of the global network became more intense in Russia since November 2019.     
Anyway, who are the heroes of political ‘daily route’, who contribute to the Russian reality according to the prophetical utopia ‘1984’ published by George Orwell in 1949 with their daily operations and enabling ‘sirens’ of the Kremlin to blame ‘partners’ in the democratic world and teach them civilization in a Machiavelli way (however, on the whole a politician and philosopher Niccolo Machiavelli of the 15-16 century would ‘rest’ in circumstance of the current Russia and would not find the way where they can be used)?
The deputy of the Russian Duma Irina Yarovaya from the political party United Russia with her colleague Viktor Ozerov improved the Personal data law adopted in July 2016 that obligated the online companies to keep Russian data in the territory of the country with a requirement to move servers with data about its citizens to the territory of Russia and an obligation to the operators of the Internet connection to save communication of clients up to 6 months and communication between operators – up to 3 years. The amendments are also known as Yarovaya Law and came into force on 1 July 2018. Since then law enforcement authorities of Russia have access to this data.   
Member of the Russian Duma Dmitry Gudkov in comment to Yarovaya Law to the Ukrainian portal told that it is in line with the Law on the Russian national guards, other legal acts will be an instrument to the government to threaten and deter citizens from protests. In the opinion of the editor in chief of the political section of the daily Novaya Gazeta Kirill Martynov, the amendments were designated for strengthening the positions of the Russian power structures and government, thus restricting civil rights.   
This can be seen in life. Threatening of citizens shows not necessarily directly – according to the information of Deutsche Welle, over 11 thousand people were arrested by the Russian government during actions meant to support the Russian opposition politician Alexey Navalny. It is not hard to associate this fact with talks about Vladimir Putin about the Internet and legislative initiatives of Irina Yarovaya, since people were invited to these actions via Internet social networks and other virtual platforms.
The package of Yarovaya Law includes also a chapter called “Missionary activities’, which established new restrictions to the missionary activities (for instance, one cannot be involved in missionary activities in residential premises; official permits to be involved in missionary activities shall be obtained) and ignorance of which shall result in fines reaching one million roubles. About 2 thousand proceedings have already taken place based on the package of Yarovaya Law, where punishments were imposed on the ones, who believed in them and their leaders, total amount of which exceeds 10 million roubles.
Such activity is typical to Irina Yarovaya, who was born in the east of Ukraine, Donetsk region Makeyevka, whose family moved to Petrapavlovsk – Kamchatsky in Russia, where she was studying after graduation from a secondary school in 1983 at Confederate law institute in an extramural form  and was employed at Kamchatka regional prosecutor’s office in 1988 – 1997.    
It is ironical that she started her political career in 1997 – 2007 in the opposition party where she made a career to the Chairwoman of Kamchatka department. However, in 2007 she left Yabloko in favour of the political ruling party United Russia, because the leader of Grigory Yavlinsky was not able to secure the wish of Irina Yarovaya to move to Moscow and beat through to the Duma of Russia. After she went over to the ruling party, wishes of the politician came true; she is in Moscow, has been attending in meetings of the Russian Duma since 2007, already is the Chairwoman of the Committee for Security and Anti-corruption matters and is a member of the General board of the United Russia.
According to the Russian Wikipedia she is a supporter of ideologemes such as ‘sovereign democracy’ and ‘Russian conservatism’, sees the Internet as a breaker of norms and sovereignty (a complete or accidental unison with the President of Russia), supports stricter punishments and  the capital punishment.
She became famous when she contributed to formulation and passing of already mentioned and other resonant laws, among which, let’s say, the defamation law providing for criminal responsibility, that are simply skilfully used by the government and its environment (for instance, the businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin called Vladimir Putin’s cook) to shut down the rest unhandy civil activists and media.      
The last piece of news about proactive legislative activities of Irina Yarovaya – on 24 February information about amendments to the law proposed by the deputy was published that compared defamation of the veterans of World War II with rehabilitation of Nazism, which would result in five year imprisonment and a fine up to 5 million roubles. It is not a secret that the initiative is associated with ‘one more’ case  of Alexei Navalny put-upon by the Kremlin regarding defamation of the veteran of World War II Ignat Artemenko that has signs of legal manipulation and which actually needs a separate article to tell about.   
In a passionate text “Law of Degenerates” (25 February) in the portal the Ukrainian publicist Vitaly Portnikov commented the following precedent as an ordinary acute symptom of the Kremlin fling. Irina Yarovaya is a living proof that Putinism has no bottom same as villainy that has no limit, when one seeks to stay in power by all means.
According to Vitaly Portnikov, “Laws of Irina Yarovaya” have already put a lot of victims of the Russian authoritarianism in the dock; now veterans of the World War II, who are still alive, can be brought to courts for handling the ‘unsuitable’. Naïve citizens thought that Joseph Stalin would never be reborn in any form, however his ‘bright’ image returns as if the dictator would have never died thanks to activities of politicians like Irina Yavoraya.      
There is no phantasmagoria, George Orwell, ‘only’ Russia in the 21 century and its Duma.
The Russian Duma approved amendments to Irina Yavoraya Law on 17 March. According to them insulting the memory of defenders of the motherland and spreading false news about veterans of World War II shall be punishable by a term of imprisonment up to three years  and in case it is done in media – up to five years imprisonment.     
Therefore, this time I am making such generalization regarding education of the Kremlin about civilization and diplomacy. According to the information available by the structure of the EU to fight against disinformation East StratCom Task Force 50 cases of disinformation spread by the pro-Kremlin ‘troll factories’ and over 10 thousand since 2015 were registered in the public domain of Europe since the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic.
Chairwoman of the Committee for Security and Anti-corruption of the Russian Duma fits in very well into this grotesque picture.
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