Vladimir Putin still Wants to Send Conscripts to the War in Ukraine

Recently, US intelligence reported that Russia has used all of its war-ready armed forces to invade Ukraine. US intelligence also claims that the Russians have started recruiting mercenaries in other countries. This information was posted on Telegram by the Disinformation Prevention Centre (DPC) of the Ukrainian Security and Defence Council.

“Despite the plans of the Russian generals, their Army is starting to run short of soldiers, so Russia is playing a trick and wants to bring in 16,000 volunteers from Syria, Libya and the Central African Republic.” – wrote the DPC and emphasized that the motivation of such mercenaries may not only be money, but also the desire to get into the EU.

However, nobody yet knows exactly how many mercenaries are fighting on the Russian side and where exactly they are fighting.

However, CNN, citing a US administration spokesman, reported in one of its reports that Russia wants to send another 1,000 mercenaries to Ukraine to strengthen the Russian units.

Thus, it is obvious that the Russians are running out of reserves and are looking for them dramatically. They are also looking for them in Russia. Video footage of Chechens being sent to Ukraine has been circulated around the world. Vladimir Putin was also hoping for help from Aliaksandr Lukashenko, but the Belarusian leader was frightened by the public mood and the reluctance of the Belarusian soldiers to kill the Ukrainians, whom they regard as culturally very close to them.

The member of Parliament of Russia Lyudmila Narusova recently told a committee about Russian conscripts being sent to fight in Ukraine. According to her, for example, only four soldiers from one company have survived.

Lyudmila Narusova spoke at the meeting of the Federation Council Committee on Constitutional Legislation (the upper house of the Russian Parliament). The recording was posted on the website of the Federation Council.

The Russian Ministry of Defence acknowledged that conscripts “are in units of the Russian Armed Forces participating in the military operation in Ukraine”.

“Unfortunately, a number of facts have been established regarding the presence of conscripts in the units of the Russian Armed Forces participating in the special military operation on the territory of Ukraine. Almost all of them have already been taken back to Russia,” said Igor Konashenkov, spokesman for the Russian Ministry of Defence.

5 March Vladimir Putin announced that Russia has no plans to send conscripts to Ukraine. He told, “professional military forces and resources are sufficient to achieve the set goals”, the newspaper Kommersant reported.

We are used to Vladimir Putin and his entourage saying one thing in public and doing another. Thus, it seems that Vladimir Putin’s words are not entirely true this time either, as reports have appeared on the Internet that the Kremlin is continuing to plan additional conscription in Russia and sending of conscripts to the war in Ukraine.

Recently, documents have appeared, which clearly show that the Kremlin has not abandoned these plans.

On 11 March, the Russian Ministry of Education instructed the Technical University of Saint Petersburg (Voyenmech) to require all students and lecturers to take out additional special life insurance before the end of March, due to the “special operation in Ukraine”.

This document shows that the Kremlin has not abandoned the possibility of sending conscripts to Ukraine.

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