Who is Alexander Dugin, and what is the implication of his daughter’s death?

Alexander Dugin is a contemporary Russian scholar, sociologist, philosopher, and political theologian, he was born in 1962. He had close ties to some satanist, nazi, and dissident movements even in his early years. It should be noted that he had a stronger affinity for Nazism throughout his life and did not particularly enjoy the communist system. Despite this, after the dissolution of the USSR, he assisted the new communist party of the Russian Federation in writing political programs in the 1990s. At this time, he developed close relationships with the leaders of European far-right and far-left parties in Europe, including those in countries like Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, and France.

He utilized his journal “Elementy” to spread the word about his proposal to establish a “new Russian Empire” that would extend from Vladivostok to Dublin. In order to have a port with access to the Indian Ocean, this empire should expand in the south, according to Dugin. His book “The Foundations of Geopolitics: The Geopolitical Future of Russia,” which was published in 1997, had a significant impact on the Russian political establishment and was even the main textbook for the military academies of the Russian armed forces. In this book, Dugin advocates for the idea of building a new Russia on the principles of authentic, radical, and revolutionary fascism. He has written 30 books overall, but “the Fourth Political Theory” should be highlighted as another important work. Due to his past, Dugin has been able to gain prominence in modern Russian politics; he is well-connected to both politicians and military leaders of the Kremlin.Furthermore, Alexander Dugin is closely associated with the Georgian far-right media outlet “Alt-info” and its political party “the conservative movement.” But the Georgian public learned more about this person in 2008, during one of the most difficult days in modern Georgian history, the August War, when he was posing with a Kalashnikov in front of Russian tanks in so called South Ossetia. He delivered a speech against Georgia and stated: “Freedom for Georgia, freedom for Ossetia under Russian protection, tanks on Tbilisi – our formula for victory”. He later explained that he is not against ordinary Georgians and that his infamous “Tanks on Tbilisi” phrase was against atlantism. His Georgian puppets are now actively promoting this idea and claiming that he is against globalists and liberals in Georgia, not ordinary Georgians.

Dugin is sometimes referred to as “Putin’s brain,” “Putin’s guru,” and “Putin’s Rasputin,” so it is not difficult to believe that he has a strong influence on Putin in particular and Russian foreign policy in general. Dugin was always active in Ukrainian politics, warning the Kremlin that Kyiv was planning to join NATO and urging Moscow to take the necessary steps to prevent it. Even in the 1990s, he has been strongly opposed to Ukrainian ideology. He was arguing that Ukraine is not a country or a state; rather, it is a construct of the West as part of an anti-Russian strategy. Even in the middle of the 2000s, Kyiv forbade him from entering Ukraine due to his anti-Ukrainian narratives.When Russia occupied Crimea in 2014, he delivered a shocking speech in which he stated, “I think we should kill, kill, kill Ukrainians, there can’t be any other talk.” It should come as no surprise that Dugin supported the February invasion of Ukraine because he believes that this conflict will finally “liberate” Ukraine and alter the structure of the entire international system.

Darya Dugina, Alexander Dugin’s daughter, was killed in a car explosion close to Moscow on August 20. 29-year-old Dugina was driving her father’s car when the explosion took place, engulfing it in flames, according to Dugina’s friend Andrey Krasnov, who spoke to the state-run media outlet Tass. She “was driving another car but took his car today,” Krasnov claimed. He asserted that “maybe the two of them,” or just her father was the intended target of an assault. Darya Dugina should not be discussed solely as Alexander Dugin’s daughter; first and foremost, she was a supporter of her father’s ideas, and most importantly, she had close ties to Putin and other Kremlin officials. Darya Dugina also backed the war in Ukraine. As a result, she was sanctioned by the United States and the United Kingdom.  She was the political analyst and the chief editor of a disinformation website called United World International, through this website she tried to push pro-Kremlin narratives among western readers. To underline some of her ideas,the majority of Ukrainian identity, according to Dugina, is localized in western Ukraine, and eastern Ukraine is more likely to embrace her father’s vision of a “Eurasian Empire” based on nationality and religious beliefs. Additionally, she was actively spreading the narrative that Bucha slaughter was staged.Separatist leaders and the Kremlin immediately blamed Ukraine for Darya Dugina’s death.  Ukraine denied all of these allegations, and Ukrainian officials even suggested that the incident was the result of internal conflicts in Moscow between powerful political factions.

It is important to note that this death has already had an impact on the war; as previously stated, the Kremlin used this incident to bolster its anti-Ukrainian rhetoric, this step can make this war even bloodier. Finally, it should be noted that this death instilled fear in Russian propagandists. Margarita Simonyan was especially distraught over Darya Dugina’s death. She acted inadequately and was begging hysterically the Kremlin to strike Kyiv and the next day, she expressed her disappointment that she had not seen the news regarding Ukraine’s “bombed” capital. She also admitted to being scared. As a result, she hired security and appears to be terrified of walking the streets alone.

Lasha Gamjashvili

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